Tiberina Group


Tiberina, basic principles and values

Priority to customer needs and expectations. Being proactive and innovative, providing courses and training for all staff are our trademarks.


Management Model and Certifications

We are always working to achieve maximum quality for our processes and products.


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Tiberina World Class Company

People, the Environment, Respect, Safety, Value, Quality, Sustainability, Commitment, Care for our people and our customers, to build a better future, in a word: WCM.


A radical, concrete optimisation of the way in which our personnel, our company’s most precious asset, relate to their work station, work tools, production parts and equipment, all in a hazard free environment

Virtual Factory

We design and construct our made-to-measure systems to provide total internal and external flexibility. Everything revolves around the product and its given specifications.

Product and Process

Flexible Technologies Solutions

Product and Process Solutions with high-class contents.



Application for Better Solution

Ricerca continua di nuovi materiali e processi  perché alla base del nostro lavoro.


"Progetto R&S Filiera Umbra Metalmeccanica Tiberina – Tiberina Solutions – Usa Umbria Stampi Attrezzature – Del Vicario Engineering" TAPS (Performing and Sustainable Automotive Sleepers) "Research and development of advanced technologies for lightweight aluminum sub-dashboard at affordable prices for tomorrow's automotive markets." DOWNLOAD IN PDF FORMAT r


Environment, Health and Safety, Energy e Social Accountability are our priorities.



Since 2007, we have been implementing a System of Environmental Management in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001.

Our Future

The passwords remain - Quality - Innovation - Optimisation – Certification, from which we take our inspiration to carry out our activities with the maximum professionalism and enthusiasm for future scenarios.


Work at Tiberina

The people working for us are our greatest asset. We believe human contribution gives us a competitive advantage. Our resources must be one step ahead.

Job Profile

One of the major activities of our Human Resource Department is to place personnel within the organisation and identify the range of professional pathways and experiences compatible with the job profile

Talent Measurement

We have called this process of evaluation and valorisation of staff “Talent Measurement”. This system has enabled us to assess the skills, experience, energy and aptitude of those working with us and we can identify a clearly defined pathway for each person.


This project develops professional training plans, activities of Employment Branding in collaboration with schools and universities, standard training courses and specific projects.