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The people working for us are our greatest asset. We believe human contribution gives us a competitive advantage. Our resources must be one step ahead.

Tiberina People

Our highly skilled men and women are passionate about innovative products and processes.    


Job Profile

One of the major activities of our Human Resource Department is to place personnel within the organisation and identify the range of professional pathways and experiences compatible with the job profile. The key elements, which give us an accurate picture of all the qualities we require to achieve the group objectives, include role mapping to focus on our objectives and screen the individual’s knowledge and skills.

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Talent Measurement

We have called this process of evaluation and valorisation of staff “Talent Measurement”. This system has enabled us to assess the skills, experience, energy and aptitude of those working with us and we can identify a clearly defined pathway for each person. The data we use ranges from a person’s ability to adapt, to apply company guidelines and face the pressures to formulate strategies. These various aspects of staff performance make up the complex system of Talent Measurement.

Tiberina Talent Permanent Recruitment - TTPR -

This project develops professional training plans, activities of Employment Branding in collaboration with schools and universities, standard training courses and specific projects. We believe in constant training and are convinced it can give important value added to the entire area in which we operate. We invest in young people and in their abilities, in order to identify and nurture talent, which would otherwise remain dormant.